About Me

I have a passion for creating and making, nature, the outdoors & animals

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

I love to use my creative skills to help people & the planet, discover myself and create things that inspire others.

Primarily self taught, I’ve always had a passion for art and design. With a vivid imagination and a natural curiosity I was eager to create from a young age in fact at school I was often made to wipe the tables clean of my doodles during lunchtime.

Like many of us I’ve had to overcome some personal issues in my life, most recently obsessive compulsive disorder, although I have learnt to appreciate this as a strength and try to use it in my personal style of work.

Whilst I was born in England, I lived in Belgium for 8 years, and am now settled in rural Shropshire where my love for nature and animals inspires me.

When I’m not drawing, painting or taking photographs, you’ll find me playing my banjo/guitar playing, (trying to) cook vegan cuisine or walking my mad golden retriever, Barney.